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100% Export Oriented Sweater Factory

(A Member of Williams Group)

Project Introduction:

Williams Sweaters Limited is one of the important and 100% export oriented sweater project of a European owned and managed company with extensive experience in sourcing named Williams Group. The company has started its successful operation from 21st November 2012. It has a team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals and workers to provide our buyer with the highest quality products. We ensure all activities of sweater manufacturing are done through documented quality management system at every stage. Williams Sweaters Limited also follows the standard operating procedures in every process to meet buyer’s requirement properly. 


Sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, jumpers, vests, scarfs, woolen caps etc. in various basic and fashionable designs for men, ladies and children ranging all age.

Style & Design:

Jersey knit, rib, drop needle, diamond, cable, pine apple, drop, auto mine, zigzag, pointal, biscuit diamond, combo, fancy cable, allover cable, etc. as per buyer’s requirement.                                                                                                 

Using Yarn:

100% Acrylic (Normal), 100% Acrylic (Mélange), 100% Acrylic (Nap), 100% Acrylic (Cotton Like), 100% Acrylic (Cashmere Like), 100% Acrylic (Chenille), 100% Acrylic (Smiling), 85% Acrylic 15% Wool, 70% Acrylic 30% Wool, 50% Acrylic 50% Wool, 30% Acrylic 70% Wool, 100% Cotton, 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic, 45% Cotton 55% Acrylic, 80% Acrylic 20% Nylon Etc.

Lead Time:

The normal lead-time for production of sweaters by local yarn & accessories is 60-90 days (approx.) and for imported yarn & accessories the lead time is 90-120 days (approx.).

Exporting Countries:

Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, Spain, Holland and France

Basic Information (At A Glance):

1Official NameWilliams Sweaters Ltd.
2Legal StatusPrivate Limited Company.
3Established21st November 2012
4ComplianceBSCI Passed
5Factory AddressPalashbari, Dhamsona, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka 
Tel: +88 02 9884077, +88 02 8829739 
Fax: +88 02 8828110 
E-mail: dipu@williamsbd.com
6Head OfficeWilliams Group
Road 04, house 301,DOHS Baridhara, Dhaka
Tel: +88 02 8411544,
Fax: +88 02 8411324
E-mail: info@williamsbd.com
7Contact Person1.Abdul Awal Khan - Managing Director +88 01711 531012 
2.Md. Mizanur Rahman (Dipu) – Director 
+88 01912 241053, +88 01682 507301 
3 Md.Rabiul islam _Director 
8Bank ReferenceMutual Trust Bank Limited, MTB Centre 26 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh 
Account number: 0022-0210007280
9Yearly Turnover$ USD 10.00 million
10Knitting Machine125 nos (3 GG), 87 nos (5 GG), 
50 nos (7 GG), 100 nos (12 GG)
11Production Capacity60,000 Pcs (Approx.) per month
12Manpower795 persons
13Factory Area50,000 sqf
14BuildingBuilding 01: Warehouse, Winding, Knitting & Garbage
Building 02: Office, Linking, Sewing, Trimming, Mending, Wash, Iron, Packing, Inspection & Sample.
Building 03: Store, Dining & Boiler
Building 04: Doctor’s Room, Childcare, Generator & Maintenance, Reception & Security 
15MembershipBangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BKMEA)
16Main CustomersBilka, CNS-DK, EASY-DK, etc.

Quality Assurance:

Williams Sweaters Ltd. has its own quality assurance system to produce superior quality sweater of variously style with the aim to have full satisfaction of customer. We have a quality policy. For Quality Assurance, we introduced Independent Quality Control Team (IQCT) who is reported to the management only. We -

  • Focuses on continuous improvement in all quality related activities and seek to prevent errors and eliminate the root causes of problems.
  • Educate, train and qualify our employees so that they can perform their tasks in accordance with the established quality standards and contribute to improvement efforts.
  • Implement the buyer’s requirement throughout the company.
  • Continue Checkpoint at all process end to ensure better quality product.
  • Test the raw materials for physical & chemical characteristics by reputed textile testing laboratories ensures that the materials are of high standard.
  • Have In house QA team to carry out random in house final inspection of the packed goods before conducting final inspection by buyer’s QA.
  • Believe in professionalism
  • Don’t compromise about quality
  • Believe in cost effective production


According to Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, International Labour Organisation (ILO) and code of Conducts of Key buyers, we ensure emphasis on Health, Safety and Environment of a factory as an important issue. Because a safe and healthy environment creates an important rule for increasing productivity, improving product quality, reducing production cost and improving the efficiency of workers 

No Child Labour:

All workers are working in the factory, above the age 18 (Eighteen) as per local labour law. The company verifies the age and ability by register doctor and keep all the required documents. So there is no Child Labour in the factory.


No discrimination based on race, caste, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union or political affiliation, or age will be allowed in our company.

Health and Safety:

Health and safety is a major concern of our Company. We do periodical checking of all electric lines and equipment to ensure safe working environment. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is given to workers as per requirement for risk free work.

Our factory has fire evacuation plans in each floor and regular fire drills are carried out and timed. Required numbers of fire extinguishers are in place in the factories. Fire alarm bells are installed in different places of the building and the bells are regularly checked. It’s our policy to keep Fire Exits open even when there is one member of the staff in the factory building.

Doctor, Baby Care & First Aid Facility:

One doctor is always available for medical treatment in the factory. In addition to the above we ensure the sufficient medicines for normal treatment as first aid in the factories. The company has a baby care center as per law. 

Forced Labour:

Factory will not use any forced labor, bonded labor or prison labor in its total production process.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining:

The Company has respect to workers to form and join trade unions or worker association.

Toilet Facility:

Sufficient numbers of hygienic toilet are available in every building separating male and female.

Harassment and Abuse:

All kinds of abuse and harassment are prohibited within the premises for creating a positive environment which ultimately will lead to improve the productivity and workers will stay longer period of time in the factory

Compensation and Benefits:

The factory ensures minimum wages as stated in the minimum wage legislation by the government. We pay attendance bonus and festival bonus.

List of Machineries:

Winding Equipment’s

Sl.M/C NameBrand/ Model No.DescriptionTotal M/C No.
1Winding machineDaeyu12 spindle09

Knitting Equipment’s

Sl.M/C NameBrand/ Model No.DescriptionTotal M/C No.
1Flat knitting machineFlying tiger3 GG125
2Flat knitting machineFlying tiger5 GG100
3Flat knitting machineFlying tiger7 GG100
4Flat knitting machineFlying tiger12 GG220
5Tape flat knitting machineDaeyu3/5/7 GG01 sets
6Belt flat knitting machineDaeyu5/7 GG01 sets

Linking Equipment’s

Sl.M/C NameBrand/ Model No.DescriptionTotal M/C No.
1Dial linking machineFlying tigerFor 3 GG60
2Dial linking machineFlying tigerFor 5 & 7 GG60
3Dial linking machineFlying tigerFor 12 GG80
4Over Lock machineJUKIOver lock05

Finish Equipment’s

Sl.M/C NameBrand/ Model No.DescriptionTotal M/C No.
1Washing machineDaeyu70 kg02
2Hydro extractorDaeyu65 kg02
3Drying machineDaeyu50 kg02
4Drying machineDaeyu50 kg01
5Steam ironDaeyu-20
6Sewing machineJUKIPlain machine08
7Sewing machineYamataPlain machine10
8Sewing machineJUKIButton hole02
9Sewing machineJUKIButton stitch02
10Sewing machineJUKIBartack01
11Sewing machineJUKIFlat lock02
12Sewing machineGemsyFlat lock02
13Sewing machineGemsyEyelet04
14Sewing machine--04

Other Equipment’s

Sl.M/C NameBrand/ Model No.DescriptionTotal M/C No.
1BoilerFulton627 Kg01

If you wish to know more regarding above, please feel free to contact us.

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