Training & Development

  • Training Development

    Williams always believe thatTraining & Development  helps employees learn specific knowledge orskills to improve performance in their current roles. Development is moreexpansive and focuses on employee growth and future performance, rather than animmediate job role. Williams is very much proactive about Training &Development to its all employees and enlisted suppliers for sustainablebusiness management. Williams provides several types of Training to on regularbasis to its all employees and enlisted suppliers.

    Trainings for all employees and enlisted suppliers:

    • Training on Modern Merchandising Management.
    • Training on Modern Supply Chain Management.
    • Training on Quality Management System.
    • Training on Inspections & Quality Assurance System.
    • Training on Modern Business Communication System.
    • Training on Suppliers Assessment & Verification.
    • Training on Social Compliance Management Process.
    • Training on CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • Training on Buyers Code of Conduct.
    • Training on Compliance Management.
    • Training on Chemical Safety as per REACH content.
    • Training on Fire Safety Management System.
    • Training on Health & Safety Management System.
    • Training on Fair Wages and Benefits System.
    • Training on Animal Welfare & Protection for Wools.
    • Training on Organic Product & Production Management.

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